HVAC Air Purifier Oklahoma City.

REME HALO In-Duct Air Purifier.

With Trane and Goodman systems, we offer a REME HALO In-Duct Air Purifier that can be added as an optional accessory. Choosing the optional add-on when ordering your HVAC system will allow our technicians to install it into your duct system during the installation of your new heating and cooling system.

The REME HALO air purifier is the best for your indoor air quality. It can clean all the air that your central air conditioning system circulates. This whole-house air purifier is designed to reduce air pollutants and odors. This is one of the best solutions for purifying the air in any building.

Created using similar functions as natural air purifying processes, it's like enjoying the fresh air without opening windows. The product works on all three types of indoor air pollutants: Particulates, Microbials, and Gases.

It is now possible to reduce particulate allergens like dust, dander, mold, and pollen. It has been tested on the surface and airborne viruses and bacteria, including MRSA, e-coli, and Norwalk. You can say goodbye to cooking odors, pet odors, soiled diaper pails, and musty rooms.

How it works:

Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy is the proprietary technology used in the REME HALO air purifier for in-duct applications. REME HALO in-duct air purifiers are installed in the supply plenum of existing HVAC air ducts. Hydro-Peroxide plasma is distributed via the air handler, the duct system, and into the living space. Unlike passive air purifiers, which rely on contaminants passing through the unit for purification, the REME HALO in-duct air purifier actively cleans your home at the source as it sweeps through. Furthermore, the charged plasma increases particle size by causing them to coagulate or stick together, so they are easier to capture by your filter. As part of nature's process of cleaning the air, hydroperoxides are naturally present in the earth's atmosphere.

What's new:

REME HALO's redesigned and improved in-duct HVAC unit features increased ionized hydroperoxide output, faster at killing microbes both in the air and on surfaces. Additionally, this higher output reduces particulates in the air, offering relief to allergy sufferers and those with respiratory problems. The advanced oxidation plasma output can now be customized via an adjustable shroud and quick release features for the cell and housing.

What are the benefits of installing a REME HALO Whole Home In-Duct Air Purifier?

  • Eliminates almost 99% of bacteria, mold, and germs.
  • Unlike portable air purifiers, it allows you to purify your entire home and building.
  • You can replace cells quickly and easily.
  • Works quietly.
  • Easy integration into existing home HVAC systems. The dual ionizer setup minimizes airborne particles (mold, dust, pet dander, pollen, spores, etc.) in the house.
  • Fortified Catalytic Zinc Ion keeps you safe by destroying 99% of viruses on various surfaces very quickly.
  • Increases the production of ionized hydroperoxides.
  • AdvanceREME technology kills 99% of sneezing bacteria before they reach 3 feet. Thanks to the adjustable cover around the cell, it allows you to customize advanced oxidation plasma performance.