Heat Pump Services in Oklahoma City.

When you live in Oklahoma, heat pumps are a great way to keep your home's temperature comfortable at all times. The heat pump not only provides efficiency and effectiveness but also comes with some additional advantages. Our company specializes in heat pump systems because we know how important they are.

You can count on our specialists when you need a professional to handle your heat pump service needs. Our team will be with you every step of the way, from installation to heat pump repair to heat pump replacement.

Heat Pump Services.

The primary types of heating systems available for heating your home in the winter are electric and gas. Heat pumps are an efficient, eco-friendly alternative to furnaces, becoming increasingly popular among homeowners and businesses looking for a central air conditioner that also functions as a heater.

You should evaluate all your options when choosing which heating system to install in your space.

What Is a Heat Pump HVAC System?

Warm and cold weather alike is regulated by heat pumps, which are types of HVAC systems. During the summer, this device uses a refrigerant to pump heat from your home to the outdoors. In winter, a heat pump reverses this process, collecting and concentrating heat from the ground or air and distributing it through your ductwork. No matter how cold it is outside, you can capture heat!

Southern and southwestern states are traditionally associated with heat pumps. It should be noted. However, heat pumps are increasingly popular in colder parts of the country, often in conjunction with a furnace that serves as a backup. Most of the winter, natural gas, fuel oil, or wood are used as energy sources while keeping your home warm when it's cold outside.

Heat Pumps: How Do They Work?

In general, heat pumps fall into two categories:

Pumps that use air as a heat source

Heat is generated without burning fuel by air-source heat pumps, and this unique technology concentrates and moves the air you breathe throughout your home. Air-source heat pumps can double as central air conditioners because they utilize a reversing valve. Since the heat they distribute is not generated, they run very efficiently since they use electricity to operate.

Heat pumps that use geothermal energy

Using geothermal energy, heat pumps create and distribute heat in an environmentally friendly manner. Often, these systems are costlier to buy and install than air-source heating and air conditioner systems. Still, they are even more efficient, cost very little to operate, will last for decades, and can also be used to power an electric water heater for a meager price.

The Difference Between a Heat Pump and a Furnace.

During the winter months, your home is heated by a furnace, either electric or gas. Gas- or electric-fired burners force air through a building and distribute it throughout the spaces. Renewable energy is captured from the air or ground, concentrated in heat exchangers, and then distributed throughout homes or buildings.

An air conditioner is used when the weather is warm rather than a furnace. The reverse setting on a heat pump is used to cool the home, making it unnecessary to use an air conditioner separately.

Moreover, heat pumps reduce dehumidification needs due to their ability to remove humid air in the summer from your home.

Installation of a heat pump

Our HVAC service professionals can assist with heat pump installation in your home or business. Heat pump installation, whether air source or geothermal, should be left to the experts. The installation of an air-exchange heat pump typically takes an afternoon. If you have any questions, our experts can assist you with making the right decision regarding the type of system or unit to install.

Are you ready to install a heat pump system in your home? If so, we can help with your heat pump installation. Mini-split systems that use heat pumps are great for anyone looking for an energy-efficient way to cool their home. Heat pumps can extract heat from your home in summer and bring it in during winter, which is particularly useful if you need a heating system as well.

Unlike central air conditioners, heat pumps have different installation requirements. Because of this, you should hire professionals who are appropriately trained and skilled enough to perform the job. That's precisely what our technicians do.


Heat Pump Replacement

Keeping your house warm with a heat pump is highly effective. However, heat pumps are not indestructible. All heat pumps will eventually fail, even if they are well-maintained. Be sure to contact COMPANY when the time comes to replace your heat pump.

It is time to replace a heat pump system that is outdated, inefficient, or driving up your energy bills. Please schedule this service as soon as possible so that you can keep your Oklahoma home as comfortable as possible regardless of the weather.

Heat Pump Repair

Whenever there is a problem with a heat pump, repairs will need to be done. Although this system requires annual maintenance, it will eventually need a repair as well. That's to be expected. Taking care of this sooner is better for you in terms of your home's comfort.

There may be something wrong with your heat pump if you hear strange noises, are unable to turn on the heat or cool, have high energy bills, or are unable to switch between heating or cooling modes. You can reach out to us if you encounter a problem with the system. Count on our highly-trained technicians to handle your project.