Heating Maintenance

Keeping your heater in good working order requires just as much maintenance as your vehicle. Tuning up your heating system this winter can make the difference between a complete breakdown and efficient operation. Maintaining your heating system can help prevent repairs and allow your appliance to operate for a much more extended period.

Our HVAC technicians can do the job efficiently and safely if you need furnace maintenance. Oklahoma residents know that we provide hassle-free, quality service that will improve their quality of life. TradePros Heat & Air offers helpful heating maintenance at an affordable cost to ensure you remain comfortable during the winter.

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Expert Furnace and Heat Pump Maintenance

Our maintenance services will help you ensure your furnace works properly during the cold months without pushing up your utility bills. Maintaining your gas furnace will keep it safe as well. Some of the heating maintenance services we provide include:


Furnace Maintenance

Your furnaces can provide you with a great deal of comfort during the coldest of winter days. However, they need periodic maintenance, regardless of how much work you expect from them. Our knowledge and skill are required to maintain furnaces, even electric ones.


Heat Pump Maintenance

Due to its refrigerant pumping system, a heat pump reduces the need to use natural gas for heating. Despite its uniqueness and efficiency, this system will need maintenance to remain effective. TradePros Heat & Air team can handle any required heat pump maintenance.


Ductless Heater Maintenance

The benefits of ductless heaters are similar to those of heat pumps, but they come with the added benefit of not requiring ductwork. However, this does not mean that ductless heating maintenance is not required, as duct cleaning or sealing is no longer required.

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A Heating Maintenance Partner You Can Trust

Heaters provide the warmth necessary to keep our homes comfortable. However, heaters can fail, sometimes on the coldest nights, forcing them to replace or repair their heaters. Keeping heaters in good working order can prevent these problems from occurring.

All types of heaters can be maintained by Trade Pros Heat & Air. A highly trained team of technicians is ready to take care of any heater, heat pump, boiler, or otherwise. Maintenance keeps your systems in good working order and prevents major problems from occurring. A variety of services are available to meet your needs and budget at our business.

It is an investment to have a heating system. It would be best to consider several factors when choosing how much to spend on your HVAC system. It would be better to replace a heater that is 10 to 15 years old than to maintain it. Modern heating systems may be cheaper in the long run due to energy savings. Secondly, if your heater is over seven years old and it will cost half as much to repair as replace it, you should consider replacing it. You can rely on us to advise whether you should replace or maintain your old heater.

HVAC Testing and Maintenance

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