How Often Do I Need to Service my HVAC System?

August 18, 2022

It can often be overwhelming for homeowners and business owners to think about the multitude of repairs that they might be responsible for in their homes or facilities. While the demanding costs of upkeep can take their toll, one major piece of hardware utilized seemingly 24/7 often doesn't get the attention it needs to function optimally. We are, of course, referring to the HVAC system.

As a premier provider of HVAC services in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, TradePros Heat & Air knows just how often heating and cooling units go out due to ignored conditions or improper maintenance. Even a single repair on a crucial component could mean thousands of dollars need to be spent, something most of us likely don't have just sitting around.

HVAC maintenance may seem like it isn't a high priority. But we can guarantee you will miss it once your unit stops working. As you might imagine, the cost of continued maintenance and regular inspections is far less than replacing an entire HVAC system. This is why yearly maintenance is vital for our residential and commercial customers.

When Should HVAC Systems Be Serviced?

When determining how often your HVAC system should be serviced, it is often best to rely on the advice of professionals. Fortunately, most of our industry firmly believes that seasonal checks should occur annually to ensure the system is primed for changing weather conditions. When put into perspective, it is easy to see why.

For instance, you are most likely to use your air conditioning in the summer and your heater or furnace in the winter. Regular maintenance and inspections before these seasons can help pinpoint parts that are failing, ensure any gunk or debris that could affect performance is cleared, and identify and fix other potential issues before the seasonal changes become permanent for a couple of months.

dirty HVAC unit

Take Out the Guesswork for Your Home's HVAC Maintenance

Did you know that the average HVAC system should be serviced every six months to ensure proper functionality? If you are struggling to achieve this goal or want to automate the process by outsourcing it to a professional, the TradePros Heat & Air team is here to help. Please schedule your appointment with our team of professionals or contact us today to discuss what is possible!

Technician using manifold gauge is measuring equipment for filling industrial factory air conditioners and checking maintenance outdoor air compressor unit

Why Should HVAC Systems Be Serviced?

A faulty or inactive HVAC system can be hazardous, especially in the climate found in Oklahoma. Not having air conditioning during the brutal 100+ degree temperatures in the summer can be just as dangerous as not having heating in the freezing winters. If your entire system breaks down, finding the cash needed to repair or replace the system is often not feasible.

Regular HVAC Inspections and Maintenance Keep Costs Down

Bi-annual maintenance on HVAC systems can reduce the chances of a surprise failure and help ensure financial planning is possible. Even if your current system is nearing its end of life, you will at least have a head's up that the failure is coming. This, in turn, allows you to start saving money now or determine what financing options may be available to help you avoid a significant monetary burden.

Regular inspections and maintenance also ensure that your HVAC system continues to function optimally. By reducing strain, the system can continue working at peak performance and not work harder to heat or cool your home or business. That means no more energy spikes on your electric bill and an environment that maintains an appropriate level of comfort year-round.

Regular HVAC Inspections and Maintenance Prioritize Safety

Maintaining safety inside of your home or business should always be a priority. In our experience, most people don't think about maintaining their HVAC system until there is a problem. However, this is a risky approach since a small crack or hole in your HVAC system can mean that poisonous carbon monoxide is being released. To make matters even worse, a short-circuited HVAC system can also present a severe fire hazard.

When put into this perspective, it's much easier to see how regular HVAC inspections and maintenance prioritize safety. At TradePros Heat & Air, we take your family or customers' safety seriously and never cut corners during our inspections or maintenance. Taking a preventative approach is far more than keeping costs low and ensuring your system works correctly. It could be the step that helps save a life!

If you are ready to get started, please schedule a visit through our easy-to-use online system or give us a call!

What Can I Do to Maintain My HVAC System?

Taking the time to complete some light maintenance is recommended to keep your system functioning correctly until your next scheduled maintenance period. Although, when it comes to actual HVAC inspections and repairs, leaving these steps to a professional is essential for the best outcomes. Many of the components of these units can be fatal if mishandled. So, don't risk your safety when you don't have to.

Some things you might consider doing at regular intervals to maintain your HVAC system include:

  • Clearing Debris from Around the Outdoor Unit
  • Checking the Filter Monthly and Changing it Quarterly
  • Verifying Insulation and Refrigerant Lines Aren't Damaged
  • Closing Unneeded Air Registers Indoors
  • Testing CO2 Detectors and Replacing Batteries as Needed
  • Dusting Return Air Vents and Removing Build Up

When Should I Contact a Professional for Maintenance?

HVAC units have countless moving parts that all serve a critical purpose. Each component will need to be inspected regularly to ensure they aren't nearing failure. If the cooling system leaks, this can overwork the air conditioning unit. Likewise, dirty condensing coils or the evaporator will also need to be cleaned to maintain efficiency.

As previously mentioned, it is crucial to maintain a strict maintenance schedule that follows the changing seasons. This means that you should have your system inspected and maintained twice annually. This will ensure a full system review is completed, the connections are tight, and components and fluids are appropriately introduced.

To help make this approach to maintaining your HVAC system easier, TradePros Heat & Air developed our All*Star Program. Under this subscription-based plan, homeowners and business owners can pre-approve bi-annual maintenance during the spring and fall months for $25 monthly with an annual agreement. If this sounds like a good path for you, we would love to explain the benefits!


Why Choose TradePros Heat & Air?

The TradePros Heat & Air team can help no matter your HVAC needs. We have worked tirelessly to provide the most comprehensive and affordable HVAC solutions in the OKC and Tulsa areas. We would love the opportunity to show you the TradePros difference. If you are ready to get started, please schedule a visit through our easy-to-use online system or give us a call!