How Often Should I Change My Air Filters? 

August 19, 2022

A list of home maintenance projects must be checked off when you buy or move into a new home. Testing and replacing the batteries on smoke detectors is one of the few things that must be done to ensure your home remains in tip-top shape.

One of the most commonly forgotten tasks is cleaning your HVAC system and replacing your air filters. How many days are you supposed to go between filter changes? Is it thirty or sixty? Do you have to replace it, or do you just check it? There are a lot of questions to answer when it comes to home maintenance. Here are some general guidelines and recommendations to help you figure out the best way to take care of your HVAC system and your filters.

The general recommendation is to change the air filter in your home every thirty days when using less expensive fiberglass filters. High-end pleated filters can last as long as six months, but these standard guidelines assume average use; they don't consider the filter size and type.

Often Should I Change My Air Filters?

As a universal rule, you will want to replace pleated air filters and furnace filters in your home every ninety days. The longer the filter is in place, the more dirt, dust, and allergens are caught, thus clogging the filter and lessening its effectiveness. Now, the replacement time is dependent on several factors. Some homes need to replace their filters more frequently to ensure everyone in the house is healthy.

Well, it depends! Does anyone have allergies or asthma?

If you answer yes to any of the questions above, you will want to replace your filter more frequently than may be recommended. Suppose someone within your home has allergies or asthma. In that case, you will need to change the filters more often, closer to every thirty days, not the typical ninety. A home's indoor air quality is just as important as the outdoor air.

Close view of two HVAC air filters to show the difference between a clean and dirty one ready for replacement

What Factors Decrease the Lifespan of an Air Filter?

If the filters are not changed frequently enough, mold, allergens, and spores are trapped in the filter. The air circulated throughout the house carries all of that into the air. Allowing dander, dust, and other pollutants to collect on your air filter and find their way into your home can make you sick.

A clogged filter potentially causes symptoms like coughs, runny noses, and sneezing. If there is an asthmatic or allergy sufferer in your home, they are much more sensitive to airborne mold and spores than those that do not suffer. Some other questions a professional might ask to determine the "sweet spot" for your filter changes include:

Person Removing Ceiling Air Filter
Person Removing Ceiling Air Filter
  • Do You Have Pets?

    As a pet owner, you know well that odor can build up over time and that shedding is at its worst during the change of seasons. In addition, pet dander, dirt, and hair can build up and reduce the efficiency of the filters. If you have multiple pets, it can get even worse, and the build-up of fur, dust, and dander can hamper the running of your HVAC. Pet owners will want to change the air filter every two months, especially when winter turns to spring and summer turns to fall.

  • Do You Want to Conserve Electricity?

    During the summertime, your electricity bill can go up in excessive amounts. Changing your air filter can help you cut down your account. When your air filter is obstructed, the HVAC unit requires much extra work to push fresh air throughout your home; the extra work calls for more electricity. More electricity means more bills. Swapping out your filter for a new one will help you shrink the amount you pay for electricity. Investing in a relatively low-cost air filter and trading out the filter properly can save you a lot of money in repairs.

  • How Big is Your Home?

    Home size is essential in deciding the regularity of your filter changes. Large homes, for example, push considerable amounts of air through the furnace or air conditioner. This means the filter is more often, may get dirtier faster, and require more frequent replacement. An HVAC system has to move less air in smaller homes, which can mean less frequent air filter replacements.

    The amount of use a home gets will also determine the frequency of the filter changes. So, vacation homes or vacant homes that do not see much use can typically wait to change out filters every nine to twelve months.

You Can Enjoy Cleaner Air with Regular Air Filter Changes

No matter which HVAC system you have, every system needs a quality filter that fits appropriately to keep your indoor air quality clean and your unit running at its most significant effectiveness. Replacing the filter at the proper time is vital to the system running correctly.

All the air circulating through your HVAC system to either heat or cool your home will eventually pass through the air filter. This is why keeping your air filters clean and changing them regularly is essential. Whether you have kids, a vacation home, or it is your primary residence, checking and maintaining your filters should be at the top of your home maintenance checklist!

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