Commercial Cannabis HVAC system Services in Oklahoma City


Since we began offering Commercial Cannabis HVAC system services in Oklahoma City a few years ago, we have provided our corporate clients with outstanding support. Our Commercial Cannabis HVAC system services in Oklahoma City  are outstanding so that you can count on us for all your needs. Daily, we enjoy interacting with our clients. We have a highly experienced management team and technicians who follow a code of ethics and values.

Our company focuses on providing solutions to customers. Know that we will go the extra mile for you if you choose Trade Pros Heat & Air for your  Commercial Cannabis HVAC system needs in Oklahoma City. Integrity and responsibility are two core values we aspire to.

Many people envision going into the cannabis industry as a way to help patients alleviate their pain. There's a lot of opportunities here. As our nation moves toward more open-minded perspectives around cannabis, they think about profits, potential, and progress. Heating and cooling don't even cross their minds.

Entrepreneurs often overlook that successful marijuana growth operation involves some of the less glamorous aspects. For indoor cultivation, their farming facility's geographic location, weather, and elevation can affect their profit margins in important ways.

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling) systems are one of the most significant overhead expenses of the cannabis cultivation businesses. Thousands of pounds per year can be saved by maximizing HVAC systems. But most business owners don't do their homework. Trade Pros Heat & Air is here to assist you with your Commercial Cannabis HVAC system needs in Oklahoma City .

The HVAC systems we install at Trade Pros Heat & Air are tailored to meet the needs of the cannabis businesses to maintain an optimum climate for growing. As a provider of facility design, installation, and maintenance services, we enable our clients to maximize their crop yield while minimizing overhead costs.

Consider these elements of your HVAC needs that most cannabis entrepreneurs overlook as you build your dream facility, especially if you are in the license application phase.

Light & Plant Count Affect HVAC Needs

What are the lighting requirements? What is the number of plants in your grow operation? The two are interconnected.

Your plants' leaves emit moisture through pores as a result of light and heat. Your plant count predicts how much water your plants will use. We use the answers to these questions to determine the size of your HVAC equipment based on your set design.

It is recommended that each light receives a half-ton of cooling. Considering an average 1,200 square foot home needs just a 2-ton unit, that's quite a bit of AC.

It is also possible that you are wondering how many lights you will need. A great deal of this depends on the grower's preferences. A lighting formula can be used to calculate coverage. You can determine the exact capacity of your cannabis facility with the help of an architect or engineer experienced in cannabis facility design.

The location, the humidity, and the type of building

We strive to keep the relative humidity below 50%, though the exact percentage can depend on the grower's discretion. During recent projects, we had to contend with high humidity levels, which can be a difficult challenge.

Outdoor humidity needs to be mitigated so that the growth doesn't become oversaturated and damage. In turn, grow lights, and outdoor temperatures, humidity, and moisture within the environment determine how much cooling you need. In addition to removing heat from the air, air conditioning removes humidity as well.

Also factored into the HVAC equation is the building envelope. The tightness of a building's seal, the vapor barrier, and whether the building is in a moderate or hot climate area can all affect a building's HVAC design and specs.

A warm indoor climate is also dependent on airflow. A building's discharge and return flow must be correctly configured to ensure equal distribution of conditioned air throughout the space.

The difference between dehumidifiers and air conditioners

A dehumidifier and an air conditioner have a similar mechanical design. When you are using an air conditioner, the indoor environment is cooled and humidified. Unlike dehumidifiers, which draw in moisture and blow it out, dehumidifiers have fans.

Dehumidifiers dump warm air inside so that no cooling can take place. It is necessary to drain or empty condensate that is produced by both systems.

If you live in a humid climate, adding dehumidifiers to your air conditioning could help you reduce humidity by an additional 15%.

Taking Care of Your Cannabis

Mediterranean climates are thought to be favorable for cannabis plants. Rather than sending your cultivars to a Mykonos resort, we strive to provide them with the best nursery environment possible.

If you're growing indoors, the optimal temperature is between 68 and 78 degrees F. This means you will need some air conditioning, even if you are growing in Alaska during the winter.

It is necessary to have air conditioning because of the heat emitted by your lights. However, winter temperatures can lead to damage to system components.

It would be best to trick HVAC units into believing they are running in the summertime to prevent damage to the HVAC unit and preserve its functionality when grow facilities have to use the AC during the winter.

An air conditioner uses a cycle that involves changing a liquid refrigerant into a gas and back again. Temperatures below freezing prevent the buildup of pressure that causes this back-and-forth movement. Your compressor can be seriously damaged by the refrigerant, which remains liquid.

Ideally, the fan should be stopped to build up the required pressure inside the system. As with regular operation, once the desired pressure has been reached, the fan is activated to exhaust heat and pressure from the refrigerant. This is followed by a decrease in pressure, the shut-off of the fan, and a repetition of the process.

It would help if you did not do this at home - or even with professional guidance. If you are not trained to fix HVAC systems, never attempt it. You don't want your plants to be unhappy - least of all you.

Reliable equipment should be invested in

HVAC systems are critical for cannabis businesses. The ease of obtaining parts to fix it is a major consideration when choosing a product. Some growers are opting for ductless mini-split units, which are primarily made in Korea.

It can take upwards of two weeks to get a replacement compressor if one goes out. Your growth can suffer in the crucial flowering phase if you make an error during that time. To save money on future repairs, it pays to build an HVAC system that is easy to handle, maintain, and repair.  Trade Pros Heat & Air is here to guide you  make the best decision for your Commercial Cannabis HVAC system needs in Oklahoma City.

Our company's experience with Carrier brand units is based on 12 years of success. We use a unit with a seasonal energy efficiency ratio of 18 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). While some options are more efficient, they are more complicated (i.e., more stuff to break).

Commercial Cannabis HVAC system installation in Oklahoma City 

If you want to grow cannabis plants optimally, the appropriate temperature range must be maintained. A proper heating system is required in the winter and an adequate cooling system in the summer. Whatever your needs are, we can help. Whether you need a new setup or repairs to your existing setup, we can help.

As a growing business, HVAC cannabis equipment installation is a specialty of our team of NATE-certified technicians. As soon as we arrive at your job site, we'll make sure the safety of your workers is our top priority. Our licensing and bonding ensure your safety and the safety of your clients. Our assistance is highly recommended since medical marijuana requires precise building requirements.

Staying calm

Entry-level growers may not fully appreciate the cost and maintenance of HVAC systems. By learning how vital it is to grow your plants in good health, you'll understand how crucial it is to your success - helping to relieve any sticker shock.

The positioning of your equipment and the length of your refrigeration lines all factor into designing an HVAC system to minimize costs and maximize profit. There are rarely two sites that are the same. Heating and cooling decisions and performance are affected by the layout of your building and by where the sun hits the property.


The installation of HVAC systems for cannabis facilities should not be done without taking precautions. When you fail to complete the job correctly, you face steep fines and even getting shut down. We have the necessary training to ensure your business runs smoothly and that you meet state regulations.

Regardless of what kind of service you need, we will meet your Commercial Cannabis HVAC system  needs in Oklahoma City. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee guarantees this. To schedule an appointment, call us now. If you would like a free quote for your project, don't hesitate to contact us. Trade Pros Heat & Air can repair, clean, and maintain your existing home or business HVAC system alongside your Commercial Cannabis HVAC system in Oklahoma City