Bixby Heat & Air Service

Bixby, also known as "The Garden Spot of Oklahoma," is a place to grow. In this city, you can grow your business, grow your family, and grow produce on the most fertile soil in all of Oklahoma. In 1941, Bixby became an important regional center for shipping produce by railroads. At that time, Bixby was christened with its nickname "The Garden Spot of Oklahoma," a designation still carried on the town seal and public vehicles. That proud heritage is celebrated here, and we value the grit required to build such a prosperous community. Our job is to use our master skills with HVAC to support you at your home or business, year after year, maintaining comfortable temperatures no matter the season!

We strive to make heating and cooling the temperature inside your home and business as unobtrusive as possible. Heating and cooling should not be something you worry about here in Bixby. With TradePros Heat & Air on the job, you can expect quality care and service from local professionals that know the neighborhood. The scorching summer sun or freezing winter weather, no job is too big for TradePros Heat & Air!

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Over a Decade of Experience in Bixby HVAC Maintenance, Installation, and Repair.

Our approach is to provide the best service possible for installation, maintenance, or repair. HVAC providers come in many shapes and sizes, from your local handyman to big-box corporations. We pride ourselves on having both the efficiency of the big guys and the heart of the little guys. If there's one thing we know, it is that pouring into this community has never steered us wrong. Since Alexander Posey settled in these parts in the late 1800s, Bixby has been known as a strong, grassroots, bootstrap part of Oklahoma. So get out there, brave Bixbians, and know that when you return, your home will be cozy as ever when you partner with TradePros Heat & Air.

Do You Need Immediate Assistance?

If you have problems with your home or business's HVAC system, you can trust the experts at TradePros Heat & Air in Bixby. Our unique focus on quality customer service and excellent home comfort solutions at an affordable price make us a clear partner for HVAC services in Bixby. If you need immediate assistance, we are ready to help!

Bixby HVAC Services

Preservation and conservation are terms we use here in historic Bixby. Like the Green Corn Festival, the heat is coming every June, and maintaining your air conditioning system is the best way to prevent breakdowns that make you, your family, or your business vulnerable. Six-month intervals are recommended for regular checkups, cleanings, and service. Do not settle for weak, tepid air from your air conditioner! If you notice a shift in typical performance from your unit, let your local TradePros Heat & Air team optimize your system today!

Sometimes things do not always go as planned. If you hear something suspicious going on in your ducted or ductless system, it is best to have it inspected by a seasoned professional. Catching errors, intrusions, gaps, fan issues, freon issues, etc., in the beginning can save you critical time and big money. Act fast with the best HVAC services in Bixby! TradePros Heat & Air will make it our top priority to bring your air conditioner back to life.

There's nothing like brand new, and if it's time for you or your business to have a clean install of a brand new system, look no further than the best in Bixby, TradePros Heat & Air! If your air conditioner seems to take longer than usual to cool, the fan blows for an extended period, your HVAC system is ten years or older, or if you or a previous owner had an irregular, possibly forgotten, maintenance schedule, a new air conditioning install may be the best for you. The good news is that our trained experts are ready to serve and get to work as soon as possible. Transparency is key to our culture, and if a repair is an option, we will investigate and find out how we can keep your costs low and your system optimal.

With an average winter temperature of 30ºF here in the Sooner State, you do not want to be left without heat in your home or business. Don't wait until the chill is here! Consistent furnace maintenance is the absolute best way to get results from your heating system. Keeping your family, pets, guests, and loved ones safe from the elements couldn't be more important this winter. Consider comfortable air temperature in your business more than just an afterthought. Call TradePros Heat & Air today to get your maintenance schedule on the calendar.

City codes and standards have requirements when repairing your heating system. The savvy technicians at TradePros Heat & Air are honored to be your local heroes in HVAC repair. All of our service professionals know the value of quality heating repair in Bixby. If you notice irregularities in your heating or thermostat, don't waste time researching big brands or DIY videos for quick fixes. Give us a call today, and a reliable repair guide will be there in no time.

If it is time for a brand new heating installation, we have got you covered! TradePros Heating & Air loves new installs and knows how to keep Bixby warm! Older wiring, harnesses, exchangers, motors, and thermostats can be dangerous and don't always mix and match with today's tech. As far as heating is concerned, we are your one-stop local shop for new installation! Oklahoma has recorded up to 13" of snow in one day! Don't leave your family home or business defenseless against the next blizzard, and have your new heating installation evaluation scheduled today!

If you are ready to get started, please schedule a visit through our easy-to-use online system or give us a call!

Become a Bixby All*Star with TradePros Heat & Air

Twice a year service is the recommended maintenance period for your HVAC system. Parts can wear out, additives can leak, and other complications with electronics and ducting could leave you vulnerable. We have developed a subscription-based service that shows our dedication to keeping your home and business HVAC systems in the clear. Registering in this simple program may be just what you need to protect your homestead and investments and offer peace of mind all year.

Keeping your home or business comfortable year-round is easy when you join the TradePros Heat & Air All*Star program. As a monthly subscription of $25, this plan covers a single HVAC system at your facilities and includes regular maintenance to keep your systems functioning optimally. Additional coverage for commercial HVAC systems can be added for as low as $10 each month.

Under the All*Star program, repair costs up to $500 are covered. If the repair costs exceed that, the plan holder will only be responsible for 25% of the final repair price. When repairs are required, the subscriber will need to extend their per month agreement to per unit to cover the required service costs.


Bixby HVAC Services You Can Rely On

The TradePros Heat & Air team can help no matter your HVAC needs. We have worked tirelessly to provide the most comprehensive and affordable HVAC solutions in the Bixby area, and we would love the opportunity to show you the TradePros difference. If you are ready to get started, please schedule a visit through our easy-to-use online system or give us a call!