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If you live in Sapulpa, you know how much there is to love and enjoy about your city. Whether you are visiting the bustling downtown or taking a leisurely drive, the “Heart of Historic Route 66” does not disappoint. Sapulpa is a great place to live and work, from trout fishing or observing the natural beauty at Pretty Water Lake to the 1920s automobiles found at the 1922 Waite Phillips Filling Station Museum. Not only does this Oklahoma gem have the benefits of a big city, but it also has lots of small-town charm. And just like any town, residents still need the support of Sapulpa heating & air services to keep their homes and businesses comfortable and functioning well, particularly during significant shifts in temperature.

Heat and air services are often taken for granted and not thought of too much until something breaks or an emergency occurs. Thankfully, at TradePros Heat & Air, the HVAC contractors of Sapulpa have trained to provide expert service in a crisis. Committed to serving the community, the TradePros team will keep your systems functioning year-round!

Outdoor air conditioning and heat pump units

Over a Decade of Experience in Sapulpa HVAC Maintenance, Installation, and Repair.

TradePros Heat & Air of Sapulpa has worked diligently to make sure that our team is made up of the top HVAC professionals in the area. When homeowners or businesses experience an issue, we are prepared to jump in with a solution. We can transform your existing system or even install a new one. With the expertise of a national brand, but the familiarity of a local business, our commitment is to the customers. The TradePros team will ensure that your systems are operating well and that your comfort is a priority. We strive for complete customer satisfaction on each project and look forward to serving you!

Do You Need Immediate Assistance?

If you have problems with your home or business’s HVAC system, you can trust the experts at TradePros Heat & Air in Sapulpa. Our unique focus on quality customer service and excellent home comfort solutions at an affordable price make us a clear partner for HVAC services in Sapulpa. If you need immediate assistance, we are ready to help!

Sapulpa HVAC Services

For an air conditioning system to provide support for many years in the future, you must provide it with consistent maintenance. If your home or business suddenly seems to be struggling to stay cool in the summer, it could mean that intervention is needed. Thankfully, many issues are small, but if ignored, they can become a much more significant issue for your air conditioning system. The maintenance team at TradePros Heat & Air of Sapulpa can quickly diagnose and rectify the issue, making sure that you stay comfortable throughout the summer.

In the heat of an Oklahoma summer, nothing is quite as frustrating as a broken air conditioner. Although you may be tempted to Google “AC repair in Sapulpa,” we recommend calling our trusted service people. The trusted experts at TradePros Heat & Air in Sapulpa are ready to diagnose the issue and get your system working quickly. Whether you’re having problems with a ductless system or floor venting to a full air conditioner unit, our contractors have the knowledge and skills to get the job done.

Anyone who has had to deal with a new air conditioning unit knows it can frequently be a significant expense. If you’re in the process of actively looking for a new air conditioning unit to purchase as well as a professional to install it, look no further! The Sapulpa air conditioning installation team at TradePros Heat & Air is ready to be your trusted partner. We will ensure your safety and provide a quality installation that saves you time, effort, money, and risk.

Not only can summer be sweltering in Oklahoma, but winter can be equally as extreme in terms of cold! Residents of Sapulpa must be prepared for the challenging winter months by ensuring that their furnace is working well. Investing in a heating maintenance plan can save time and possibly even your life when temperatures start dropping. Stay out of the cold and keep warm with consistent furnace maintenance. This can even help lower your monthly utility bills!

Homes and businesses in Sapulpa that do not use a functioning furnace can be hazardous. Not only is it unsafe to spend time outdoors in the frigid Oklahoma winter without a way to warm up after, but heater exchange issues can also be fatal. The best way to avoid this is by routinely checking your furnace and immediately addressing potential problems. TradePros Heat & Air provides hassle-free service and immediate scheduling for heater repairs to ensure that you can stay warm and cozy this winter.

The first step to ensuring the longevity of your heating system or furnace is to have a proper installation. Properly installing heaters and furnace systems keep you up to code regarding city guidelines and provide safe support. The team of experts at TradePros Heat & Air can streamline the process for you while also maintaining city code ordinances and swift installation.

If you are ready to get started, please schedule a visit through our easy-to-use online system or give us a call!

Become a Sapulpa All*Star with TradePros Heat & Air

To function optimally, HVAC systems require consistent maintenance service. In the case of an average HVAC system, six months is the recommendation for service. Without timely service work, HVAC systems can start to have worn-out components. Additionally, needed additives such as freon can begin to deplete in the system until it no longer functions as supportive as initially expected. Thankfully, these problems can be easily avoided with a commitment to regular care.

The TradePros Heat & Air team has an All*Star program to address these issues and ease your mind. For a monthly subscription of $25, your home or business can undoubtedly stay comfortable throughout the year’s weather extremes. This monthly plan covers a single HVAC system at your facilities and includes regular maintenance to keep those systems functioning optimally. For $10 each month, additional coverage for commercial HVAC systems can also be added.

The All*Star program also covers repair costs up to $500. If the repair costs exceed $500, the plan holder will only be responsible for 25% of the final repair price. The subscriber will need to extend their per month agreement to per unit to cover the required service costs when repairs are needed.


Sapulpa HVAC Services You Can Rely On

The TradePros Heat & Air team can help no matter your HVAC needs. We have worked tirelessly to provide the most comprehensive and affordable HVAC solutions in the Sapulpa area, and we would love the opportunity to show you the TradePros difference. If you are ready to get started, please schedule a visit through our easy-to-use online system or give us a call!